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The ecozoic era: plant|seed|soil

New Mexico State Capital Building
Santa Fe, NM

April 29 - May 6, 2016

Ecozoic: “eco-“ derived from the Greek word “oikos” meaning house, household, or home, and “-zoic” from the Greek word “zoikos” meaning pertaining to living beings. The house of living beings. We are all, all of us, living in the same house. This biological term was created by philosopher, geologian, Earth scholar Thomas Berry.

The Ecozoic Era: Plant|Seed|Soil is a curated group exhibition of contemporary art that illuminates our connection to the Earth as living beings - through what nurtures us: plants, seeds, soil. Work in all media will be featured by 25 culturally diverse visual artists, performers and poets and will also include interactive elements as well as displays, text and handouts about composting, soil health, climate change, gardening, science and seed saving.

LAAW alumni, Sara Molina presented the Gila Olla project and LAAW faculty, Jeanette Hart-Mann exhibited Maiz Morphology and SeedBroadcast SWAP.

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