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Out Into the Field

Land Arts of the American West provides a unique opportunity for participating artists to experience the Southwestern bioregion, environment, and communities through one-on-one experiential processes while working individually and collaboratively on creative embodied projects, research, and artistic experiments. In 2019, artists engaged in a wide variety of topics through interdisciplinary creative approaches. These included: rights of nature, more-than-human kinship, eco-critical creativity, sustainability/bioremediation, life cycles, nature + poetry, and environmental justice. The following images are in-process documents from these Field Investigations, ensuing creative research, and finished projects.

Participating Student Artists
Hyunju Blemel
Chelsea Call
Nancy Collins
Wheeler Fink
Jake Gatehouse
Juana Estrada Hernandez
Katie Keaveny
Ben Schoenburg
Mark Williams

Participating Artist, Scholars and Community Guides

Craig Allen
Mario Atencio
Borderlands Restoration Network
Scott Chasky
Valer Clark
Cuenca Los Ojos
Sunny Dooley
Josie Lopez
Todd Miller
Orien MacDonald
Sarah Montgomery
Allegra Mount
Perin McNelis
Cheryl Pailzote
Jose Manuel Perez
Kendra Pinto
Samuel Sage
Elaine Shendo
Daniel Tso
Utah Diné Bikéyah
Denyce White
Jonah Yellowman
Rachel Zollinger
Nancy Zastudil

Pinhole Camera image, Chelsea Call & Katie Keaveny

Installation by Katie Keaveny

A basket created from harvested materials from the Gila river.Nancy Collins

Gradiations of a day at Muley Point, in watercolor by Brionna Garcia

Rubbings of local flora in the Chiricahua Mountains, Nancy Collins

Juana Estrada Hernandez works on an installastion in Valle Vidal, New Mexico