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Land Arts of the American West

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Cedra Wood
El Paso
Oct 15, 2009

It's been a busy day here in El Paso. We've been working with Roberto Salas in the Bueno Vista barrio, making a large-scale (200' x 6', a long retaining wall near the freeway) mural out of leftover/reject marble from local stone merchants. I have to say, I'm impressed with our progress. When we showed up, and saw it, and then started a brainstorming session, there was no doubt in my mind that we'd be leaving after five days with about half the thing completed. But now it actually looks like it will be finished! Truly, there's only an hour or so more stone-laying to be done in the morning, and then we can dedicate the next two days to grouting and landscaping. I'm dumbfounded, and my faith in the whole many-hands-make-light-work-thing has made a complete resurgence.


August 31 - September 3: Muley Point, UT
September 4 - 6: Joe’s Valley, UT
September 7 - 12: Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI), Wendover, UT
September 13 - 14: Sun Tunnels and Spiral Jetty, Great Salt Lake, UT
September 15 - 18: San Rafael Swell, UT
September 19 - 27: Albuquerque, NM
September 28 - 29: Chaco Canyon, NM
September 30 - October 4: Cebolla Canyon, NM
October 1 - 2: The Lightning Field, Catron County, NM
October 6 - 9: Turkey Springs, Gila, NM
October 10 - 12: Otero Mesa, NM
October 13 - 18: Barrio Buena Vista, Buena VIsta barrio, El Paso, TX

Visiting Artists, Scholars, and Projects


Land Arts of the American West
Lucy Raven & Bill Gilbert at Robertson Copper Mine overlook, Ely, NV

LUCY RAVEN presents her experimental photo animation film China Town at Center for Land Use Interpretation, and takes the Land Arts students on a tour of the Bingham Canyon Mine, Salt Lake City, UT and the Robertson Copper Mine in Ruth, NV. A collaborative project, Hole to China, is undertaken at the CLUI Support Unit, Wendover, UT.

Land Arts of the American West

CATHERINE HARRIS teaches the Land Arts students how to measure land terrain by using the body as a calculating device through walking, line of sight, and comparative body/ land studies at Cebolla Canyon, NM. A culminating collaborative project is organized to measure a transect of the canyon.

Land Arts of the American West

ANNA SOFAER presents her research of the Sun Dagger site and takes the Land Arts students on a tour of celestial patterning evident in the Ancestral Puebloan architecture, roads, and rock art at Chaco Canyon, NM. September 29, 2009.

Land Arts of the American West

BEVERLY MAGENNIS presents her mosaic ceramic dwellings to the Land Arts students at Apache Springs, NM. October 6, 2009.

Land Arts of the American West

ROBERTO SALAS invites the Land Arts of the American West Program to collaborate on a Community Art Project. Students design and build a 200’ mosaic mural, made from reclaimed marble countertop materials in 4 days. Buena Vista barrio, El Paso, TX. October 17, 2009.

Land Arts of the American West

2009 UNM LAND ARTS SHOW AT THE JOHN SOMMERS GALLERY, University of New Mexico Department of Art and Art History, Albuquerque, NM.

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